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There were times, children, when our Mother was not so clever as she seemed.

Long ago, long before I, or even your emeh were born, in a country far across the sea, our Great Mother had quite a bad reputation. It was said that Sekina would roam the lands for choice male humans, hunt them down, and devour them. It was said that by consuming their flesh, she gained the ability to give birth without physically mating. Of course, most did not realize then that she was left mateless by Fatur and, thus, had to find her own ways to produce offspring.

This legend of the demon, man-eating fox traveled far throughout the lands, over mountains and rivers, flying faster than even our black paws. One day, after learning of this terrible fox, a young man set out to right the wrong and slay the fiend. While he found many young kits, he was never able to find any adult foxes. A den without a protective mother is a strange sight. This the man knew as well. At every fox hole he and his servants came across he demanded they pull out the young kits and place them in cages, ready to be carried back to his home. His plan, or so he explained it, was to lure out the mother of all these children. Then, at home and to his leisure, he could kill her and become the hero of the land.

This simple trap, especially once bragged about loudly over the buisiness of capturing kits, wasn't very hard to avoid. However, as Sekina watched all of her defenseless kits being dragged from their warm and comfortable holes, she was filled with the wrath only a mother can know. She would not only save every kit from those wretched humans, she would make them look very silly while doing it.

First, she paid a visit to Reeyot, the Coyote. Now, it is common knowledge that coyotes loath foxes and see them as lower forms of life, and the guards of Reeyot's territory were no exception. However, Sekina talked such nice things about them and their mates, and in such a smooth voice that they felt compelled to let her enter Reeyot's domain. With their blessings, nonetheless. As she passed, Sekina had to bow her head so they did not see the grin on her muzzle.

Reeyot himself was another story alltogether.

"Sekina," he greeted her, speaking the moment she began her way down the long stretch of dirt to his throne made of twigs. "How nice to see you."

The coyotes on either side of her path snickered and licked their lips approvingly.

"Reeyot." Sekina did not bother tempting the wasp with honey, her voice was firm and determined. "I have come to ask a favor of you."

"A favor...?" The coyote king could not keep the smirk off his face. "For you? Perhaps. What is it you wish, fox?"

"Across the ocean, men have taken away my children, all no more than mere kits. One in particular wishes to lure me out so he may have my death as his own victory. This, as you may imagine, does not amuse me. My wish is only to have the power to return my kits to me. However, if he happens to look the fool in this process..."

Reeyot murmured, nodding. "Ah, a ploy to use my hatred against men to your advantage. You certainly are worthy of the rumors I have heard..."

The fox stood her ground, her face, raised to the king, remained motionless.

"I like it. I simply can not pass up a chance to embarass a human. Though you, obviously, know this. Now... what power do I own could possibly help you in this endeavor?"

"I wish to proclaim my indignance to this man... face to face."

There was a pause in the activity of the dirt hall.

"Ha-hah!" Reeyot fell backwards, laughing gleefully. "Ha! My dominian over Transformation! I love it!"

As the coyote continued to laugh, and his subjects with him, Sekina allowed herself one small smile. "May I take that as a 'yes', Highness?"

"Yes, yes!" He waved a paw that still trembled with laughter at the fox. "Yes and go! And when the moon rises tonight you will be Changed. For three full moons you may stay in that Shape. Drink a palmfull of river water each night of the full moon. The fluid will help your body live in this ackward- Shape- ha-hah!"

"Yes, Highness. And I thank you. May you call upon me for a favor next."

The coyote could only nod his head, laughter still enveloping him. With that, and the respective bow, Sekina took her leave.

That night, Sekina returned to her secluded den to wait for the Change to occur. As she lay with her head upon her plumy tail, she wondered if Reeyot was really being serious about this business. It could be that he had tricked her, though Sekina couldn't find a reasonable motivation. Sure, the coyote king loved playing pranks, but if he was serious about something like her death, there had been plenty of oppertunities within his palace. Perhaps his trick would be reveled when Sekina returned to his throne still in her fur and full of impudence.

While playing this scene in her head, she suddenly became aware of a presence. The animal stood right outside the enterance to her den, off to one side. The female fox raised a hackle before bolting quickly for her emergency exit. Coming out from behind a near-by tree, she took a moment to get a glimpse of her would-be attacker.

"A coyote," she muttered in disgust at the raggedy tail of the creature sniffing around the mouth of her den. "I should have known."

Sekina grew infuriated at the thought of all of this being in vain, all her kits doomed to the fate of a sure death, and before she knew it, Sekina had launched herself at the coyote in a snarling rage.

When her teeth were mere inches away from the tan fur, the coyote whirled around and cuffed the fox hard, sending Sefina flying. Her tail spun in the air, allowing the fox to to land on her feet, though another forceful cuff knocked her right off them. She felt a heavy weight on her chest and glared menicingly up at her captor.

"What do you want here?" Sekina snarled, bold for one who's air supply was held in another's paws.

The coyote was a grizzled female, both old and tough, as she had just demonstrated. Patches of her greying tan fur were missing and a feirce grin spread across her muzzle at Sekina's demand.

"I've been sent by my Master Reeyot," she began, but paused as Sekina raised a paw to strike her. "I would refrain, Sekina. Your anger speaks true of the rumors as well, but in a few moments I shall be of the utmost importance to you." The coyote's gaze was drawn to the sky. "The moon. She rises."

With these words, the fox bent her head back to gaze upon the moon herself. It was bigger than she remembered, and whiter. As Sekina watched, it became a bright, blinding light, filling all of her vision. Then came the pain.

It spread throughout her body like fire, starting from her wildly beating heart and ending at the tips of each of her toes. There was a spliting headache and Sekina was dimly aware of her body growing rapidly before she completely lost sense of direction. Her agony and wild confusion lasted for a full mintue and left her lying on her back, looking up at the starry sky.

The pain gradually dulled to a faint headache and Sekina let out a low moan. Even through her clogged ears, she heard growling behind her. She struggled up, fighting the protests of her new Shape, to see the grizzled coyote's grin. Sekina moaned again, the only sound her new body seemed to make, and wondered if this was the trick. Maybe the old female coyote would finish her off while she was dealing with the ackwardness of getting used to this body.

The coyote gave one more flash of her smirk before bowing her head and closing her eyes. This time Sekina watched in facination as the coyote's snout press into her face, her ears lower, her fur melt away, and her tail dwindle and shrink. In only a few seconds, a grizzled old woman replaced the coyote.

"Don't worry. This is what I'm here for," the woman said, standing up and shaking out her long hair. "My name is

emeh = elders
se = the
kina = female
Fatur = Father
Matire = Mother
reeyot = coyote
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