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It occurs to me that just about nobody I know has ever seen my clumsy attempts at poetry. So, here they are, to be judged... veiwed, of course, at your own risk.

"Stay" and "Follow" are sister poems. "Forever Apart" was an off-the-top-of-my-head response to a prompt. Thanks, Tibek!


Please don't go
The way they all went
For now, you see,
My heart is all spent.

From far away,
I'll still see you
But it only hurts
If I can't feel you.

All these years,
I've done no speaking
Though all the time
My eyes were leaking.

So now I tell you,
This was meant to be.
Please, I beg of you,
Stay here with me.


If you go,
I will follow you,
Just so I can stay
Right here next to you.

To the end of time,
To the ends of earth,
Through the pain of death,
Through a second birth.

Can't cut our link
With sword or knife.
You are my heart,
My soul, my life.

Come! Let's see the world,
Let's leave this place behind:
You and me, hand in hand,
One in heart and mind.

I don't care, now,
Where we go,
Or even if we fall.
Whate'er you wish,
That's what I'll do.

I'll follow you through all.


Why must I watch you
Lost and alone?
Why can't I embrace you
Help you find your way home?

My mind gave you life,
My heart gave you pain.
When I see you there, trembling,
I start crying again.

Why should I suffer
For a shadow, a thought?
But I can't help but love you.
Am I all you've got?

So awful, so tragic:
I'm the only one here,
I can't reach out and touch you
I can't dry all your tears.

You're nothing that's real,
You're a story in my head.
Every time I realize this,
My heart sinks like lead.

We're not all that different,
Both struggling to see
How to grasp hold of something
That can never, ever be.

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