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The Greatest Gift (?)

I... don't know. I'm feeling weird. Here's part of a story I've been playing around with.

It had been two days. Two days of wandering, seemingly aimlessly, across this never ending forest. Two days of little water and less food. Two days since everything in Christine Austen's life turned completely upside down.

As a child she had never believed in fairy tales. There was too much going on in her life for flights of fancy. With her parents going through a difficult divorce, the eight year old girl was easily forgotten. She had held herself together for her emotion mother's sake, but it soon became a way of life. Through out both junior high and high school Christine was never really noticed or paid any mind. Of course, the girl had friends, yes, but they were the kind of friends who never contacted you outside of the school grounds.

College was different, if only in the fact that the heavy school load she took on and her part time job kept her busy. She moved away from her mother, stable enough to realize and respect the importance of Christine's freedom, when she was eighteen and into college housing. With a demanding job and an equally demanding academic schedule, the twenty-one year old still didn't have time for fairy tales. Which made it all the more difficult for her when she ended up in one.

It's been two days she thought warily. Two days since the sound outside her window sent her out of her cozy bedroom to investigate. The sound, sounded remarkably (and suspiciously) like a soft call of Christine's name and she suspected her roommates of laying a... not a trap, nessicarily. A joke. That's what they would call it. And they said they were on vacation. Heh. Normally the withdrawn girl would have paid it no head, but as the call grew louder she emerged from her bedroom, willing to be the butt of the joke if they would just shut up and let her read.

Down the hall, however, she was greeted by something other than her three roommates. Something... not human.

Her living room was in shambles. The couch was tipped on it's side and both the coffee table and loveseat were overturned. Cowering behind these makeshift baracades was a handful of humans. Humans battling demons.

Christine stared. Yes, some sort of creatures that could only be described as demons. They were pitch black, but their forms bobbed and dodged so much that the girl didn't get a decent glimpse of them before she was pulled roughly to the side and behind the couch by one of the humans. Unable to even manage an angry glare, she simply watched as he turned and joined the battle again.

The humans were doing pitifully bad. They, only equiped with swords, did their best, but were only able to fend off the demons brave enough to try physical attacks. They seemed to die with every sword-thrust, but there also seemed to be a numberous amount of them. Besides that, they had a quite effective way of attack without getting close to the swords.

Christine turned her head to watch a demon fling what seemed like a wriggling piece of himself at the top of their barricade. The girl winced, but it hit some sort of transparent barrier over her head and slid down the side to settle on the ground, not two feet away from Christine.

Suddenly a cry on her other side made her turn. A solider, for that was definately what he looked like, grabbed a black lump and threw it on the ground, stabbing it effectively with his sword point. "It's not holding," he grunted over the girl's back. "Ranen, let us take them, you strengthen the shield."

"Fine," sighed the one that had pulled Christine down, letting his sword drop with a crooked smile. "But I don't think you guys should be able to have all the fun."
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