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The Greatest Gift 02

"Fine," sighed the one that had pulled Christine down, placing his sword to one side with a crooked smile. "But I hate it when you guys get all the fun."

She got a good look at his orange hair, coated with a thin film of dust, as he leaned forward and closed his eyes, clasping his hands together. He began whispering in words inaudible to the girl who could easily reach out and touch him. Her brows came together in a confused look. What was he... how would he...? A sweat began to form on her forehead. With the realization that the young man (Ranen?) was beginning to emit sweltering waves of heat, she stumbled backwards and away from him, straight into his colleague.

The solider paused in his fight to steady the girl with a rough hand. "Miss...!" he then exclaimed, looking all the world like she hadn't been sitting next to him for the last few minutes. "You'd better get over to the door there, miss." Christine turned, her eyes following the point of the sword, and had to stifle a yelp. Now the transparent barrier had become a barrier of fire. They were encased in a globe of fire! Her tight grip on the man's arm must have betrayed her thoughts and she heard him chuckle. "Now, it won't hurt-"

As if that wasn't enough, something began to emerge from the flames. At first, Christine thought she was dreaming. But the roar it released, leaving the girl's bones shaking, convinced her that it was no dream. The was a dark green, fully scaled dragon crouched in front of her.

"-you sure?" she vaguely heard the solider ask. Christine couldn't take her eyes of this magnificent beast. As it finally turned it's yellow eyes on her, she felt a shiver run through her body.

I beg you to come with me, good lady, a voice said softly as the dragon dipped his head in as much of a bow as the circumstances would allow. He spoke inside her head! Well, of course he spoke in your head, Christine, how else would he talk to you? Isn't mind-speech the first basic rule of fantasy novels?

The dragon cocked his head to one side, as if listening to something the girl couldn't hear. Suddenly, the flames that surrounded them weakened and became slightly transparent.

There isn't much time. The dragon once again turned his gaze on the young woman, this time extending a claw. His paw was as big as the overturned love seat! Please come with us. We have need of you. Ranen can't keep hold of the shield much longer. Please, climb into my paw.

The girl shook her head incredulously, but did as he bid. Scrambling into the green paw, she didn't have much time for any thoughts other than: Now what's going to happen?
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