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The Greatest Gift 03

The girl shook her head incredulously, but did as he bid. Scrambling into the green paw, she didn't have much time for any thoughts other than: Now what's going to happen?

It wasn't long after that Christine began to feel very light-headed. Of course, she mused, eyes half open and not really seeing a thing. Now I suppose I'll pass out and wake up to wonder if it was all a dream. But find myself in the middle of a new world. Which is precisely what happened.

The girl awoke to a circle of concerned faces. She felt very weak and dizzy, but the smile of one as he sat back was enough to make Christine glad to be awake.

"We weren't sure you were going to make it, lady," said the handsome boy who's smile had captivated Christine. He had short black hair and compassionate dark brown eyes.

She struggled up and was instantly helped to a sitting position with his gentle hands. Looking around, she recognized one or two of the solders and the other boy, Ranen, was there as well. He scowled at her glance and shook his head, getting up and walking away. The girl was beginning to feel much more like herself and she glared at his retreating back.

"Don't mind Ran," her helper said with a slight smile. "He... can be difficult at times." She looked back to the black-haired boy with a much softer expression and was, once again, beaten to speech. "My name is Aidan," he offered as the other solders all began to walk away. "And those are the Kingdom's finest Light solders."

"I'm Christine," she said, suddenly shy again. "Christine Austen."

The boy reached for her hand and lifted it, brushing his lips on her fingers. It was enough to send a shiver of pleasure up the girl's arm. "Pleased to meet my, Lady Christine. I... hope you don't mind my... calling you back from the other world." He looked a little sheepish at this, but said it with a smile nonetheless.

"Calling me back-" she started, but was interrupted.

"He means he hopes you didn't enjoy the taste of his mouth too much." A hand held a portion of food in front of the girl. Ranen had returned. But, more than that, Christine's eyes grew wide at the thought his statement had brought to mind. Mouth-to-mouth?!

Aidan shook his head and sat back, flushing a bit pink. It was enough to confirm Christine's suspicions. The plate was placed in her lap and another handed to the black-haired boy. "Thank you, Ranen, for that... blunt description. And for the food as well."

"Didn't want you starting of on the wrong foot," Ranen answered with a rueful smile before walking away again.
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