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there's nothing left... but a new light

Fire's embers blew up the rocky trail to the edge of the cliff where he stood, crouched, holding his cloak tightly against his body to close out the wind. In front of his eyes lay the town, now burned and shattered, blurred with the burning tears in his eyes. He took a deep breath, choking on a sob that fought in his throat, and huddled, pulling the cloth closer to himself. He had no one else to hold him.
But although all was lost, and the ashes that fell away from the bodies of all those he held dear, sweeping across the vales to be caught in the branches of the folliage that had once been green and good, he could not feel more sorrow than he had. Far in the distance, the old iron bell of the clock tower rang icely into the night, which chilled him.
The starlight, spilt along the mountain side and valley below, seemed sickeningly sweet, and far too majestic to mourn the losses of all those lives. As a warm, salty tear found its way down his dirty and bruised cheek, he took a deep breath, and got to his feet.
There was more to do... and nothing would get done while he crouched in the shadows.
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