Jamie (tehquill) wrote in shinahil,

A.I. <3: Artificial Infatuation [Part 1]

[Note.. this story is in parts.. because it's going to be so small I don't think that chapters would seem fitting, but I needed some sort of separator so I don't have to type it all down in one sitting. This part is actually lacking the last half end of it. I'll finish it later.. :O; ]

Sometimes things don't go as planned. That can go without saying in most cases.. but in some situations it's the only way you can explain away a phenomenon.

Linecars aren't what they used to be.. back when they were first introduced into the public commute scene they were state of the art. Efficient, swift, soundless and comfortable for the passengers. Unlike many forms of transportation, these bullet trains that zoomed along metal cords of exceptional endurance that swept across the sky, not unlike old-fashioned telephone lines. Mind, those telephone lines come from a time way back before everything was transfered via satellite. The olden days.. some say that there should be a 'g' before that phrase.. and other say that it should be capital. At least.. compared to how things are now. It certainly isn't the country it used to be.. that's for sure. This.. New Country -as it's called, ever so fittingly- has seen better days. Once it was a shining example of what a nation should be. Now it's the exact opposite. One giant slum, from coast to coast. Not that it's without technology.. but most of it's run down and in need of repair. Oop, but I've gone off on a tangent, now haven't I? Back to what I was talking about.. linecars! They sure aren't what they used to be.
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