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The following short story has been rated [WTF](PG-13)

Dustin glanced nervously over his shoulder as he walked down the alleyway. Who knew such a easy job could be so bad for the heart? Shrouded in his dark trench coat, with briefcase in hand he makes his way to the location described to him in the note. 'Behind the old bakery at 7:00 pm" the letter had simply said. Yet seldom have so few words stirred such amount of dread within someone. He pulls a handkerchief from the inside pocket of his coat and idly blots his damp brow. Almost there.. almost there..

* * *

"Where could the idiot be?" Marco thought to himself as he checked his watch. It had been twenty minutes, and the instructions were simple. Everyone in town knew of the run down mom-and-pop owned bakery on the far side of town, it used to sell the best maple pecan cookies this side of Sante Fe. Maybe this is a setup.. he'll give it two more minutes, if he doesn't show, then the little girl back at the apartment will have to discover a new way to breath.

* * *

"There he is.." mouths a being hidden atop a fire escape, watching the nervous man intently. His brain notes the briefcase, then the anxiety, and the direction he's heading.. concluding that he is indeed making his way to the drop-off point. The quiet whining of sharpened talon against rusty metal sounds as the creature seems to glide down the side of the building to the ground. "It's time to move."

* * *

"It's okay.. it's alright, it's all going to go okay." Dustin says to himself over and over again, hoping that eventually he'll drill it into his brain enough that he'll actually believe it. "Just a few more blocks then the transactio-" click click rustle. "..what was that?" he says, whirling around and clutching the briefcase close to him. Was it a mugger? A rat? A stray cat, perhaps? No, nothing's there. It must've been an animal.. otherwise the mugger would've already jumped out or something.. it's gotta be, gotta be.
Still leary, Dustin turns back around, listening carefully in case there's another tell-tale sign of a follower. Another light click and again, no one's there. No one. Nothing. Dustin turns back around and starts walking, but that soon turns into a jog, which in turn becomes a run. Two blocks left, just two blocks left. That's all. But that's the last thought that he ears ring inside of his head. No, no that's a lie. The last thought actually was the realization of a edged claw-like foreign object quickly making it's way into the back of his neck with deft accuracy and severing his spinal chord. That would indeed be his last thought.

* * *

"...twenty two minutes. That's it, I'm out of here."
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